Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Love Inspired Suncatchers

 Love is in the air ~ so is the Canadian deep freeze!
 We decided to combine the two and create some *love*ly ice sun catchers to adorn our trees.

To create these you can draw from the natural beauty around the home ~ 
We used poinsettia leaves for our hearts and letters, cranberries, orange and grapefruit slices...
Oh and some glitter to bring out the sunlight's sparkle!

Creating these seems to work well in a pie pan ~ just bring all your pieces for arranging together and let your imagination do the rest!
After you create your design I suggest you carry it outside and set it down in a still place before adding the water. I tried it the other way and had to basically re-create it after I put it down to rest. Pretty numb fingers after that...

Also don't forget to add your string for hanging ~ a must have for these sun catchers!

Leave overnight and let mother nature work her magic!

After they are frozen you can bring them in and pour hot water over the backs of your pans until they come loose.
Thinking these should last through most of the winter (especially with the temperatures we have been having lately!)


Creating with love on my mind, I remembered these words of wisdom...
 (I am sure you are probably familiar with these words, but for me, reading them once again has been a gentle reminder of the truth that is held by love).

Love is patient, Love is kind,
It does not envy, it does not boast,
It is not proud, It is not rude,
It is not self-seeking,
It is not easily angered,
It keeps no record of wrongs.

Love does not delight in evil,
but rejoices with the truth.

Love always protects, always trusts,
always hopes, always perseveres.

Love bears all things, believes all things,
hopes all things, endures all things.

Love never ends.

Here's to the ever changing
ever challenging
rich giving
journey of love.

~ Shanti ~


  1. These ice crafts make me wish even more that I lived in a place that gets cold enough to freeze things overnight outside... I used to, but not anymore and I long for a real winter chill to send me shivering inside to a warm cup of cocoa, a good book, and a fireplace to sit by, enjoying my family about me.

  2. What a beautiful idea! They are stunning!

    ...always hopes, always perseveres...My favourite.

  3. These are wonderful!!! I love our climate here in southern BC as it never gets too cold but when I see amazing ideas like these I wish for a cold snap for even just a few days!

  4. We will never get to do that. It was hot hot hot today, but I do loooove them they look so beautiful!

  5. Gorgeous! Such a lovely way to celebrate love, creativity, and a cold climate. <3 Your yard must look like a wonderland, full of charming dangling ornaments (and snow).

    Love and light...

  6. I changed my plans for today. So pretty and perfect for the first day of Imbolc.

    Namaste, Nicole

  7. We started making ours today!! Love it! You must go to my blog and enter to win my Fairy House....made of twigs and in need of a toadstool! xo

  8. These are so fun! I cant wait to make some tomorrow. We are still waiting on some birds to find out giving tree. Thanks for yet another craft for a snowy afternoon.

  9. These are great! We've been having so much fun with ice crafts this year! We made ice heart mobiles a few days ago, and a rainbow suncatcher with a heart center! i love the red poinsetta leaves! They really look great!

  10. They are wonderful. I want to do one when we reach winter again but I will have to use the freezer to help as it never gets cold enough here to have water freeze outside.

  11. Shanti! You won! You won my magical fairy house!! It must be because I had my cat, Luna, do the drawing and she was biased!! :) I wrote just a little "blurb" about your blog on my most recent post about the winner of the drawing...check it out luv!

    If you feel comfortable, please email me your address so I can send this along.

    My email address is mmunn@aea9.k12.ia.us and my name is Melissa Munn. So very nice to meet you, Shanti! YAY YOU!

  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! Oh my, whilst you are in snow, we are in a heat wave but freezer love we might be able to do!

  13. You can do these in the freezer and hang outside, even in the warm weather. They would be so pretty at any time of the year, even though they would melt.


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