Friday, July 23, 2010

Fabulous Finger Puppets with Theatre!

I recently borrowed the book "Creative Play for Your Toddler" by from our library.  It is FULL of such great ideas, and tutorials.  I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to create a "Waldorf" inspired playroom.  One of the many many great ideas in the book were finger puppets out of wool felt.  Well...we've got plenty of wool felt kicking around here at the Toadstool, so I decided to surprise the kids with some little finger puppets. 

Here are the birdies I made...I just eyeballed the puppets from the book and make up my own pattern.  For eyes, I cut out little circles and glued them on...the wings are also glued on, (with a hot glue gun)
Super super easy...I think it took 15 minutes to sew up 2!  They're about 3 1/4 inches tall.
They also suggest putting a small amount of stuffing in the head...just to make them fill out a bit!

Then...thanks to another great book, "Sewing for Children" we were inspired to make a little theatre, for our finger puppet friends to play in.  I took an old shoe box and sawed off the back...painted the sides, glued some tissue paper to the bottom, strung up a curtain, and voila!!!
How simple and sweet!

Okay everyone...grab your seats, the show is about to begin!


Ruby's favourite part is that you can open and close the curtains as needed!!!

And here's some finger puppet link love for you:
Martha has some lovely felted finger puppets...complete with patterns...if you don't want to "felt" your own wool, then just make them with felt and add the embellishments!
Check out this site.  It's in spanish, but has some great simple finger puppets, (with patterns) for a bunny, chick and mouse.
If you want to get a little fancy, HERE is a tutorial for the 3 Little Pigs!!!
Most beautiful finger puppets ever can be found HERE!!!
My inner geek LOVES these Star Wars inspired finger puppets, (shhhh...don't tell the other Waldorf moms that I actually like Star Wars)!
And finally Earthboys blog just did a marvelous post about the magic of finger puppets!

Have a marvelous and crafty Friday!!!
xox maureen


  1. this looks like so much fun! love the little theater, and those puppets are adorable! (off to find a shoebox....)
    Happy Weekend :)

  2. Very cute! Love the colours. I own that book but lent it out...thought it was to you but apparently not! Darn! Love the fabric of your curtains!

  3. Oh, we love felt finger puppets over here! I will definitely check out that book too.
    I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog, it gave me the chance to check out your very creative and happy place here! I will definitely be back to poke around some more.
    Have a lovely day!

  4. Too cute! Love the stage and the sweet birdies.
    I think I NEED those Star Wars finger puppets you linked to - awesome. And don't worry, secretly everyone loves S.W. ;)
    That curtain fabric is awesome btw.

  5. CUTENESS!!! i esp love the print on the curtains..I'll bet it was a great show! BRAVO! ::hugs::

  6. LOVE the birdie finger puppets! They are adorable!


  7. i love these creations and your blog! i'm so excited to have been led to it. thank you for your loving comments on my self portrait. they made me smile. i look forward to following your blog - it is very inspiring!

  8. Love the fabric you used for your curtains!

    I actually have a box of finger puppets I have been saving for years for my kids. The Mister pulled it out recently (since we moved) but I told him to put it away. My plan is to make a theatre and give it all to Moira for a Christmas present. They aren't Waldorf-inspired finger puppets though (although I am sure I will end up making some eventually). a lot of them are from when I worked at Starbucks and they used to sell these really awful candy sticks with finger puppets on the end. The sticks would always break so we would have to throw them out - so I have Muppet Finger Puppets, Halloween themed ones, Rudolph The Red Nosed Reigndeer (and Island of Misfit Toys) puppets. I can't remember what else I have since it has been so long since i looked. I wonder if there are any Star Wars ones in there?

  9. What fun! Our girls love playing with puppets and making up their own little puppet theatres.

  10. Hi there... Please come stop by at Butterflies and Breezes,
    I so love your blog and think it worthy of sharing this award with.
    Bright Blessings

  11. What a great idea! I may try this for my kids..I'm sure they would love it!!

  12. I love this idea. And what I think is so neat is that you can use it to teach just about anything with a little bit of crafting to make different props and puppets. :) Thanks

  13. These are beautiful! I have got some felt and I am making puppetry my mission for hte week. Keeping it pretty simple though because I am making my kids a huge stage and intricate puppets for our first handmade holiday this year. Thankyou for the links!


  14. Love these. Maybe I'll check out this book since it's for toddlers :).


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