Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's Mod Podge Thursday...Let's Create a Decoupage Journal!!!

Journaling has been a love I discovered when I was young and have held close ever since. I value it as a place I can go ~ an old dear friend ~ to collect my thoughts, record the ebbs and flows of my life experience and sort out the clutter in my mind. I have a box full of journals that have traveled with me in my life and  are my path into the past  ~  a witness to my growth, a  reminder of my goals and a safe keeping for my memories.  In amongst these journals are the scribblings of myself as  a twelve year old girl falling in love with her first love... a love that evolved into a life my husband. I appreciate that in years to come my girls can read my personal account of the delicate, blossoming journey that brought their Papa and myself together. I often go to my journal after a long, hot bath.... I light some candles and let the words flow. In this time to reflect, I often gain a much needed perspective in my full life. It  has a way of grounding me and bringing me back to myself.

This past year I introduced journaling to my girls.  They seem to really enjoy it and we now often begin our our home school day with journal time.  They each have their own journal and use that time to sit in the  quiet  to  express (with words or pictures) what they are feeling, have experienced or are looking forward to. It is a lovely way for us to begin the day in the peace of tuning in. (not to mention theses are absolute treasures!)

Over the years I have found many ways to personalize my journals and often give journals as a gift...but this way of personalizing the sacred space is so far my favorite...

To create these journals you will need

  • magazines, old calenders or cards

  • pressed flowers and leaves

  • mod podge

  • paint brush

  • a journal to cover
Each of us took the afternoon and created these journals....

Solana's creation

Luna's creation

Mama's creation

May your journey with journaling be joy-filled!


  1. I love this - I would do this with many journals through out the years - I think I posted about them some months back - it wasn't a how -to I was just kind of showing them off.

    Anyhow - I am happy that your post will inspire people to do the same.

    Namaste, Nicole -- loving your blog!

  2. How wonderful that you have kept journals over the years and that you are sharing the joy with your daughters.
    Warm wishes, Tonya


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