Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's Beach Week!! Let's Make a Magical Mermaid Wand!!!

So here's a super simple beach craft to make this summer!

Firstly, gather up your'll need:
thin pieces of drift wood
shells...a good assortment
beach glass
ribbon or twine
wire, (I like plastic coated myself, super easy to work with)
a glue gun and glue sticks
whatever else you fancy!

Keep in mind that you can modify the list of supplies...the essential part is the driftwood stick and shells...other than's really up to you...use whatever you have on hand!

We began by using our glue gun and gluing the shell we chose onto the top of our piece of driftwood!

Then wrap your ribbon around near the top of the stick.  On mind I left the bottom half of the stick bare, so you could see the driftwood...

Ruby did hers a bit different!  The end result will be splendid no matter what you do! 

Then we used the wire and wrapped bits of beach glass, shells and threaded on beads...

Here's a close up of my wand...I also used some twine to hang the beach glass and shell off of the wand!
I think the fun thing with this craft is that there are just no rules...put out your supplies, and let your imagination lead you! 

"O Golden mermaid appear to me
Spirit of foam, rise from the sea.
The hour of the full moon tide draws near,
Hear the words, draw near and appear!"
-Niabi Ruiz

We spent our evening watching the sun set at our favourite swimming spot, just Ruby and I.  Ruby brought the wands and shook them over the was magical to watch her so caught up in her imaginings!

What a super craft this would be while you're on vacation near the water, or for a mermaid themed birthday party! I think our wands are going to hang out on our nature table for some of the a reminder of the creative and special summer night we had together!

In mermaid magic
Maureen xo


  1. Oh I giggled when I saw the first picture...I just love this idea. We live 2 blocks form the ebach, so me thinks we'll have to give this one a go this week.

  2. oh my goodness, these are the most beautiful mermaid wands. What a great tutorial. Truly magical. :-)

  3. I've been collecting ideas for our ocean unit so I am very excited about Twig and Toadstool's beach week. :) This is cute. We don't live near a beach, so we'll be taking a short vacation/field trip. I have never seen beach glass at our beaches in VA... did you buy yours or is there a trick for collecting it at the beach?

  4. Great idea! Those are very cute!

  5. What a great idea!! I will have to wait for Grandchildren to make them, dont think my 15 year old would be impressed if I suggested we make one haha!!

    Am having a crafty give away if you want to pop over to my Blog to have a look.
    Michelle x

  6. oh these are so neat. always a pleasure to make a new wand, great idea! Wish I was nearer to the beach so I could test out your passage on the mermaids with my little guy he would love it! Thanks


  7. Magic - i love following your imagination and creativity - in our summer we will join you chanting to the mermaids when we make these wands too.

  8. A wand. What a great idea. I love it when their imagination is so fired up. The beach glass looks so good wrapped and beaded. Its a thrill when we find beach glass by the sea, but not the recently broken sort.

  9. What a wonderful idea. My girl would go crazy for a mermaid wand. Must add to my list of things to do when next visiting the beach!

  10. So magical! I just realized your posts have not been showing up on my dashboard! You've been up to so much goodness lately--- everything is WOW! Gorgeous!


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