Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's Beach Week...Lets Make Shell Fairies and Other Magical Creatures!!!

What fun it was to create this oceanic fairy world! 
One night after getting home from a busy night at work ~ I sat down with a oodles of shells, a glass of wine, a fabulous sister on the line and proceeded to create the shell fairy family...a very  therapeutic way to unwind.

For this creation supplies were simple...

seaside treasures collected over the years
a selection of shells (from any dollar store)
small wooden rounds (ditto)
a glue gun
cardboard box
wax paper 
moss (reminded me a lot of coral)
and what ever else feeds your underwater, fairy imagination!

After the shell family was created I decided they needed a home. Soooo...I cut the main body off a box and lined it with wax paper.

I filled it with river sand and rocks from my Mother's beach, snails and shells.

Then ocean fairy king and queen could move on in!

 along with their water world children...

 ~ a world full of magic ~

~ mushrooms and mythical creatures ~

~ mini mice ~

and soaring delights!

The real beauty in this craft is in the versatile way you can let your imagination run wild! Shortly after l gifted this ~ mama created ~ fairy realm to my girls, my daughter proudly came to show me her shell inspired turtle, baby shell fairy and shared enthusiastically about her vision for her shell lion tomorrow ~ perhaps I shall add on updated photos of the creatures as they come to life!

Spiraling in the watery world of enchantment


  1. Oh my goodness, this is so beautiful! Love it!

  2. Spectacular! Your girls must have been so enchanted.

  3. You have a most glorious imagination.. I'm gonna show my big girl this post because we have a serious shell collection! thank you :)

  4. This is amazing! Truly. I love all the little shell animals. You are so creative!

  5. That is absolutely amazing! Did you collect all your shells around where you live? (some of them look exotic). We are going back home to PEI in a month for a quick vacation, I'll have to bring back LOTS of shells to try and make something like this. Looks like so much fun!
    Stephanie xx

  6. incredible!! i love your shell figure so much. what a fabulous gift for your children's imagination! ;)

  7. These turned out great. Makes me wish we lived near the ocean.

  8. What a wonderful blog. This one caught my eye and then I had to keep going to previous ones. I especially love the dragonflies.

    Such an inspiring, playful and peaceful space. Thank you both and your children as well.

  9. Such fun shelly creatures...for some reason it reminds me of the 70's on a beach holiday!

  10. SO cute. They sell little people and animals down here in the Florida gift shops! I have been eyeing them lately, as they look so fun to make. Yours are so full of spirit and spunk! Very cool.

  11. Amazing! You are so inspirational. What lucky children you have!

  12. What fun! Isn't amazing the different shapes that shells come in. I love the water world children. I think its their spikey heads/crowns that make me laugh.

  13. Those seashells looked so cute! I can really see that you are truly a beach lover. Like you, me and my family love going to the beach. Especially my wife and my four daughters who would love to spend most of their time, swimming, eating and shopping in Destin, FL beach. And I also proved it myself because I've been shopping in Destin, Florida and the items were actually great in very affordable prices.


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