Monday, July 19, 2010

Picnic At The Beach...Ideas and Inspiration!!!

For those lovely hot summer days many of us have been enjoying I wanted to share some of my favorite picnic basket ideas for those beautiful beach days!
First I would like to suggest sun tea ~ best  to make the day before and have it chilling in the fridge ready for your thermos. There are so many options for sun tea, from boxed tea, to flowers, to herbs from your garden. The one we made most recently was chocolate mint and rose petal tea ~ a delightful blend.

A pretty simple procedure ~ Collect your leaves and petals (and rinse well) or choose a couple bags from your favorite boxed tea and place into jar of cool water (with a hint of honey if you desire). Put the jar into the sweet sunshine and let the sun work it's magic!
More sun tea tips and inspiration ~ Here.

Another  staple that often finds its way into our beach cooler is the hearty and wholesome hummus ~ so many varieties but this is my personal favorite...roasted beet hummus. You can get the recipe here from a past post of mine.

 I also like to pack a healthy, power house filled snack my girls can grab and go with in their beach play. These chew chew energy bars seem to do the trick!

Finally a good grain salad always travels well and fills the belly with a light fullness. Here is my black bean quinoa salad recipe... a refreshingly flavored blend of protein and veggies.

Hope you enjoy these bountiful beach additions!
savoring summers sun kissed  sweetness
~Shanti ~

ps...Please check out our real life friend over at Rural Rainbow Ramblings she's got some lovely summer salad ideas, with links to recipes on her blog as well!


  1. Lovely pictures and ideas as always! I look forward to trying some of these out over the holidays with the boys!
    I wanted you to know i have an Award waiting for you over at my blog.
    Thanks for the lovely momments you have shared and i look forward to many more! xx
    @Worms-eye View

  2. mama you rock, love your last post .
    have left a bit more love for your blog over at my place xx

  3. oh I want to try the beet hummus!! so pretty!

  4. Oh tasty. I could do with some food inspiration. Must try that beet houmous and quinoa salad.

  5. I love nothing more than a good sun tea in the summer. wish I had thought to use the rose petals sooner though I just had an abundance as my roses bloomed and died rather quickly and was wondering what to do with them.


  6. Great ideas, love the color of the beet hummus. I always forget to make sun tea but we surely have an abundance of sun here so I will give it a try. I'm loving your blog, glad I found you - thanks for commenting over on mine today!

  7. Great summer recipes. Salads seem to be our thing during the summer. Whether its pasta, leafy, fruit. Its so nice and cool.

  8. Ha! We make a pink hummus too!


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