Monday, July 26, 2010

It's Flower Power Week!!! Let's Make a Recycled Rainbow Flower Wreath!

" The Earth laughs in flowers."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Here's a super fun, super colourful craft to make with the kids!  A recycled rainbow flower wreath!

If you're like me you save all your toilet paper rolls...just in case!  You never know when the urge to craft with a toilet paper roll will take over!  Well, you're in's a fun and wonderful toilet paper roll craft!  So gather up those rolls!  You'll need 11 of them to make this wreath.

Cut each roll into 4 equal sized pieces...try to estimate the size, don't make it complicated!

Now put it together like so.  To make the "petals" fold one end together tightly and then using your fingers, round out the tops of the petals.  Get your glue gun warmed up while you do this!

Put a thin line of glue on the folded edge of your petal.  Take that petal and glue it to the middle round!
(I used 6 petals per can use more if you desire). 

Now grab a kid you love, get out the rainbow paints, and put them to work!  Paint every bit of your flower...on the inside and outside!

Before you glue it together, set it on the floor, to get it into the right shape.  Then glue it as required, (again a glue gun is your best bet to hold it together).

Then find a lovely spot to show off your beautiful and colourful creation!  We hung ours on a nail, but you could also add some ribbon to hang it with.

Oh...I love me a simple craft,
(and rainbow colours make it all the sweeter!)

xo maureen

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  1. How lovely! We have LOADS of cardboard rolls around here ... my mum found a book in the op shop called 'Look what you can do with tubes!' and Indi has been hoarding them ever since. She will love this idea :)

  2. This is so sweet. Your boundless creativity astounds me!

  3. What a beautiful wreath! I love it!

  4. Dear Maureen,
    This is so pretty! Thank you for the wonderful comment you left over on my blog. You are inspirational:)

  5. Love this! I just want to make one myself - since the little one isn't quite old enough and I don't want to wait! Thanks for sharing

  6. Lovely! I can imagine a round mirror in the middle of the happy flower frame.

  7. What a great idea! I haven't been saving the rolls yet, since my daughter is little, but I think she could help with this!

  8. What a lovely idea, I'm so happy to have found such an informative Waldorfy blog!

  9. Just yesterday my husband asked me why I was saving all those toilet paper rolls. Why, for this very project! Thanks for the idea!

    Stephanie :)

  10. I love this idea. I'm going to sock it away for our Earth Day crafting... although it is darn cute any time.

  11. I stick all my paper rolls in the fire. I used to collect them for craft one day in the future.... But I can never think how to use them! Nice idea here though....

  12. OMG!! I have been saving our toilet paper rolls forever because I KNEW that there is a use for them! Thank you for posting these!!!

  13. very wonderful ! thanks for the great idea for recycling rolls !!

  14. This is so cute! Gotta start saving the tp rolls instead of throwing them in the recycling! :)

  15. I finally got around to posting my toilet paper flower art. Thank you for the idea!

  16. I love TP roll crafts. I am featuring this at

  17. beautiful art ... love it...

  18. This project is perfect for my home daycare! I still have leftover rolls from our binaucular project for my insect theme, i know i found my next project and it will go on my front door!!! Thanks!

  19. Perfect for a camp project for the kids' committee!!


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