Thursday, July 22, 2010

Welcome Rocks!!!

The girls and I wanted to jazz up our front gardens and our welcome rocks are what transpired... so simple and fun we just had to share!
The girls each picked out a rock that appealed to them and then washed and dried them. Next  I squeezed their palettes full of bright blobs of color and then left them alone to dive into their creation!

Luna choose to paint welcome in the sunny colors of the rainbow...

Solana choose peace...

Now these rocks grace our front yard gardens, offering  a "welcome!" and a "peace!" to all folks who walk up the path to our door.

I enjoy offering the girls a time to create that needs very little direction or help from me. I love to see their creativity shine and confidence grow in creating solo. After these rocks  came gratitude rocks, lady bugs rocks, a peace sign formation of rocks, an inukshuk...
Grateful for the natural elements that continue to inspire us all!

In a welcoming peace


  1. we love rock painting. on another mentioned a special needle for the machine on the tricot sewing. do you happen to know what type i'd need for sewing organza? ive volunteered to sew rolled hems for 30 playsilks for the local school !! :/

  2. What a beautiful sunshiney welcome!

  3. What a lovely idea... love that rainbow! x

  4. how beautiful!! they did such a great job:) love the site, too <3 ::hugs::

  5. Wondering where hat bright beautiful paint comes from? Thanks

  6. Oh that is adorable! I'm going up to my partners parents farm this weekend and will now be sure to look around for some great rocks to paint on. I love the rainbows on the welcome rocks!

  7. what a great idea! this is something we haven't done and i KNOW my kiddos will love this. thanks for the inspiration! :D

  8. Hi girls,
    love this welcome stone. We just finished our driveway and need something a little special. Might do the trick! Also wanted to let you know I have given your blog an award. I think you might have it already, but I really wanted to award you because I love what you do! You are both inspiring!! See you soon. Amber (MamaMoontime)


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