Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Forest Girl Healing Salve!

Today we spent a lovely day ~ despite the ridiculous heat ~ at a salve making workshop, making  "Forest Girl Healing Salve". My talented and good friend Sigrid, is the mastermind and queen bee behind Sigrid naturals. She wild crafts and blends her own local organic slaves, creams, spritzers and other herbal delights, using only the highest quality ingredients. Here is a peek into our inspiring day we spent with her.


Our  first step was gathering wild plants from her lush back yard...

~mainly the majestic comfrey~

We also dug,  gathered and washed the comfrey roots...

It was a full experience of pull, dig, taste, touch, pour, mix, share and learn.

Each girl was able to design their own personal lable . Luna's ~  "Luna's Flower Power" and Solana's ~  "Perfectly Fresh". They were lovin' it!

Here is Sigrid"s basic recipe...
  1. harvest herbs......such as comfrey, mullein, clover...
  2. put beeswax in mason jar and melt via double boiler style
  3. place herbs in a glass pot and cook on min for 1 hour in extra virgin olive oil
  4. strain herbs....its easiest with cheese cloth and a big mason jar
  5. mix HOT herbal infused olive oil with hot melted beeswax
  6. 5 parts oil to 1 part beeswax
  7. pour your beautiful salve into a clean glass jar and label with the ingredients.

    Sigrid Geddes
    Sigrid Natural Skin Care

    handmade. locally produced. wildcrafted
olive oil being poured for the boil

chopping the comfrey roots and other plants for our concoction

the girls fabulous finished labels

It was  delightful to experience the fullness of natures gifts with these nature loving, eager, little girls!  I am grateful to have been inspired, once again, by nature's bounty.

Later that afternoon we gathered at our favorite beach to soak up the late afternoons rays and shake off the heat.  Sigrid brought the by product of our day (all the herbs and olive oil mixed with oatmeal) we added "foy" beach sand and slathered our bodies ~ then dove into the sparkling waves...the best spa treatment around! I must confess, after deciding I had taken enough pictures for the day (and leaving my camera at home)  I found myself thinking about the silly photo we would have made...covered head to toe ~ face, hair and all, with our messy herbal gook...A sight to be seen for sure.
Today I take with me the reminder that natures gifts are everywhere, right down to the simplest common weed ~ probably lying undiscovered in our own back yard!!

In the spirit of  forest girl
~ Shanti ~


  1. How wonderful - what a fabulous art to learn.

  2. That is such a great idea. Cool to get the kids involved...so much to learn.
    Have a great day.

  3. looks like a great day indeed. at least you smell purdy in the heat!

  4. That looks like so much fun! Something I would definately see myself do with my kids.

  5. Very cool and LOVED the use of the leftover herbs/oil. Yes, sounds like the best spa day. I really need to plan a day at Foy. Will do so soon. Really good post. Much enjoyed.


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