Thursday, June 10, 2010

Easy, Enchanted Plant Pokes...

So, here's a quick and easy Thursday tutorial!!  It's been wet, grey and miserable outside, and frankly this morning I was not in the mood for the great outdoors!  So, what to do.  Well, bring on the glue, felt, acorns and creativity!!  We decided to make super, easy plant bring the brightness in!

You will need:  wool felt, (or whatever you have on hand), skewers, small wooden beads, glue gun, roving, acorn cap, (if you have one) and a pencil

First, fold your felt in half and draw on a dress, pant suit, whatever you want your enchanted person to wear!

Then embellish to your hearts delight...cut out flowers, hearts, stars...Ruby cut out a little apron!

Glue it onto your skewer...start by sliding the dress or whatever you have made over the top of the skewer, fold it in half and glue the halves together...super simple!  Then draw a face onto your wooden bead and glue that on top!

Next add hair, (roving),  a crown, a gnome hat, or an acorn cap!

And there you have it...a super easy, enchanted plant go find a plant that looks like a good home!

Get your craft on!  Keep it simple, and keep it fun!!

and here is your daily, totally unrelated to the post,  dose of cute...
The newest members of our little family...

This is one of 20 new Barred Plymoth Rocks that have joined our henhouse...

And one of three Rhode Island Reds....we're so thrilled to have them move in!!!!
(they were so darn cute I just had to share!!!)

Oh Happy Day Everyone!!!
Maureen xo

*ps...Don't forget about our Rainbow Gnome Giveaway, go on over to the post and leave a comment in the comment section...remember one comment equals one entry.  If you are a follower, please enter daily, (or if you are a new follower, you can enter daily from the time you join us here at the Toadstool).  Don't be shy friends...the giveaway ends Sunday night at midnight, and we'll announce the winner on Monday morning!!
Give our gnomes the fancy new home they deserve!!


  1. Cute! I'll bookmark this kindergartens could do this! The chicks are amazing...I'm so hoping ours hatch!

  2. A great craft for a grey day.
    What sweet looking little chicks...Hazel was beside herself to see how small they are.

  3. Oh what a lovely idea. I'm not sure they would stay in the plant pots in our house. I see you held back on the green hair for this project!

    Absolutely cute chicks. I wish we were hatching this year.

  4. cute flower-fairies! cute chickies! I hope the weather by you brightens soon... happy day!

  5. Barred Rocks are one of my favorites. Looks like you had a wonderfully productive stay inside sort of rainy day. Hoping the sun shines down on you tomorrow!


  6. Those are too cute! What a great rainy day project.


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