Monday, June 28, 2010

It's Mod Podge Tuesday...Let's Make a Pretty Hot Air Balloon!!!!

This is a great MESSY, multi day craft to do with the kids...I know sometimes I struggle with getting out the messy stuff...but, when I do, we have so much fun!!  We decided to invite some friends over to join in on the messy fun!  Here's how you can make your own paper mache hot air balloons!!!
Day make the balloon you need:
strips of newspaper
a blown up balloon
paper mache paste
*equal parts water and flour mixed together makes a great paste!

Start by dipping your newspaper into the paste...using your fingers get off the excess paste and lay it on your balloon.  We used yogurt containers to hold up the balloons while we were putting on the's not perfect, but it did help some!  Lay on about 2 layers of newspaper strips, and make sure your entire balloon is covered, (except for the bottom nib, where you tied off your balloon)!  Now, put it in a nice warm place to dry.  It may take a day or two...wait patiently!
Day two...You will need:

Next, you will pop your balloon and then using the little hole, get your scissors in there and cut out a larger hole.

Give your balloons a coat of gesso, and let them dry again!  Thankfully, you won't wait too long, gesso dries fast!

Day three...You will need:
tissue paper, (in whatever colours you fancy)
Modge Podge
Cut out paper shapes...we punched out butterflies using a paper punch!

Cut or tear your tissue paper into squares or rectangles or'll look nice no matter what you do!

Dip your brush into the Modge Podge and spread it liberally on your "balloon", then put the strips of tissue paper on, and more Modge Podge over this until your entire balloon is covered with colourful paper...then add your extras, put on your shapes the same sure you layer on the Modge Podge over top...this gives it a nice sheen.  We actually used Glitter Podge for this project..the results were gorgeous!

Here are our three finished there is one step left...adding the basket!!!

Find something basket like...we used the container from some soup could also use a single serve yogurt container, apple sauce container...or be creative and see what's around you!
You will also need your Modge Podge and some pretty papers!

Again, cut up your paper into squares or strips...brush on the Modge Podge, lay your paper over top and put another coat of Modge Podge over this until your container is covered.  Now let it dry, (it won't take long). 

For the next step we used a drill...I imagine you could also use a hammer and a nail, but it would be a bit more difficult.  You will need to make 4 holes on your "balloon" and 4 holes on the basket.  The holes should be evenly spaced apart...just eyeball it!  You will also need one hole at the top of the "balloon"...this is for hanging up your finished creation!

Now get out some string...cut four pieces into equal lengths...tie them onto your "balloon" part first, and then tie them to the basket...pick it up and make sure it's all straight!  Then tie a piece to the top of your "balloon"...make it as long as you please...we just tied a big knot in the bottom to prevent our string from slipping out!

and VOILA!!!  Have any little friends who need a lift???'s a craft confession!  We actually made the "balloon" part of this craft during the winter...they have been sitting on my bookcase for about 4 months, waiting to be finished!   Of course, I kept meaning to finish them with Ruby, but time just passed us by!  She was delighted when the other day, I suggested we finally finish our balloons!!
So...take your time doing this one...the result is wonderful, and I know that this balloon will be put into prompt use...Ruby has many little "friends" in her toy box who will enjoy riding in the fancy hot air balloon!

Happy crafting!
maureen xo


  1. Just lovely (and there's that sunny little gnome again...) Happy Modge-Podge week!

  2. I love mod podge week, and as always I love all of your creations. So cheerful and full of light!

  3. Mod Podge versatile! And it made our kindergarten pet rocks so pretty and shiny! As always I'll bookmark this one for when my kids ar are a bit imagining what that little gnome might see from above...maybe the mess on your kitchen table :)

  4. Yep, I'm fond of Mod Podge myself. I haven't gotten around yet to posting about my fave MP craft yet, but you've inspired me to do so soon.

  5. What a great idea....story telling will abound about a gnome or other being floating away in a balloon.
    Very cool.

  6. This is so fabulous! I love it!

  7. Oh, how I love this blog. I'm soooo glad that you found mine because it let me to yours! I can't wait to do many of your wonderful crafts with my littles. :)

  8. I just love this. Such a fun project, my daughter would love this hanging in her room.


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