Friday, June 18, 2010

Here Comes the Sun Week!!! Let's Make A Sun Mobile...

This is our final sunny craft to round out the week!  A beautiful mobile to celebrate the sun in all her radiant glory! 

You will need:
watercolour paper
watercolour paints

Start by painting both sides of your don't have to use watercolour paint and paper...use markers and crayons...really this is up to you.  The main thing is, make sure both sides of your paper are coloured with something!!  Also, if you aren't using watercolour paper, use cardstock or something heavier.   If you are painting, I would suggest using red and yellow for a "sunny" feel!

Hang to dry!

Now trace a big circle onto your page, and in the centre of that circle trace a smaller circle with a ring around it. 

Draw the rays of your can make it look however you want...pointy rays, swirly's up to you!!

Now cut out your sun and the middle section, like so...

Take your needle and thread and attach it all together.  Attach the middle bit first, and then attach a longer thread to the top, (of course this all depends on where you want it to hang, how long you want it to be, etc...)!

And here you go!!  You can write a word, or words on the middle part...we did "shine" and "bright light" on ours...but this is optional!  Now hang them up and enjoy!!

We wish you a sunny weekend!
Be blissful and bright!


  1. What a glorious week of sunshine you have made. I love the cake - one of the prettiest i have ever seen. Only a few days now til the solstice and then winter for us and more sun for you!

  2. Maureen, what a great idea!

  3. Another great idea. Check out my has a new header.
    Thanks for the idea.

  4. beautiful ideas. thank you for all the images. it's really easy for me to forget to encourage the artist in my little boy...and the playful spirit in myself. thanks for the completely do-able and colorful encouragement!

  5. Maureen what a brilliant week this has been. Am aiming to do some of your things. Hope you don't mind if I do a link for you. xxx

  6. Your just a fountain of creativity. I love it, you have such a wonderful energy and it really shines through in all of your projects!

  7. More beautiful art... So inspiring!

  8. ooh, I'm going to do this with my kindergartens tomorrow! Thanks for the idea!

  9. I am on the hunt for a sun craft that would engage my girls today. Great ideas!

  10. Great sun week! I'll definitely be trying some of these with my boys. Thanks for sharing. Love your blog!

  11. Oh, Ich LIEBE dieses Mobile!!! Wundervoll...


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