Friday, June 25, 2010

Poppy ~ The Colorful Mess Fairy!

We have quite the enthrallment with fairies in our home. I seemed to have had this pull towards them for as long as I can remember and now find such joy in creating, experiencing and imagining the fairy realm with my girls.
Recently  when I woke up to another rainy day, I decided it was time to switch things up. This inspired me to  let go of my normal expectations for our day and move into a new kind of day...simply creating. I dubbed the day ~ "let's make a mess" day. I gathered up what ever supplies called out to  me, piled up our table up high, turned on some music and proceeded to witness and partake in the  bliss of creating! It was a wonderful way to pass the day. One of my  favorite  creations was this wee fairy folk Luna created ~ Poppy...

Here is what she used from our pile of creative goodies for her creation...

she wrapped the body with some pipe cleaner

cut out a dress from some red felt, slipped it over her head and stitched the dress together with embroidery floss

 glued down two petals from a silk flower to make the wings

added some yellow wool roving for hair, tied some pigtails, glued on a silk flower skirt and found a flower wand.  Luna was lost  deeply in her realm of creation ~ carefully stitching, gluing, assessing, asking for help when needed and then glowing with pride with her outcome.

Poppy soon had a friend created by Solana ~ once she saw Luna enjoying her new fairy she simply had to create one too (with help). These new little friends occupied them for many hours afterwards in their fresh faced fairy world.

These little fairies often live on our nature table but sometimes a I catch a glimpse of them in the small fae homes that the girls created for them beneath the nature table. I am grateful to have these gals that keep me in tune with enchantment and I am reminded of the gift it is to occasionally drop all the expectations of the day, make a huge colorful mess and create the day away!

From my colorful mess to your colorful mess


  1. gorgeous, love this xx
    happy weekend x

  2. Waht talent your little girl has!!!! Also your banner. . . Is that a cake??? Good lord that looks too good to eat (if that is in fact a cake hahah!!!) I love reading your blog girl!


  3. gorgeous!! so creative they are....wonder where they got that from? ;)

  4. What a great kind of day.
    And the creations that came out of that day are really sweet.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. What an adorable fariy! You guys are so creative and inspiring. I think my kids would absolutely adore "lets make a mess" day. Maybe we'll have to try that here on a rainy day and see what we all come up with. But first, I really need to find some pegs like that. They seem to be used for all types of gnomes and fairy, but I can't find them anywhere :(


  6. Sunshine mamma...there is a company in Canada called Stockade...they sell the pegs there, and they ship to everywhere. I think you can find them at

    xo maureen

  7. Thanks so much for visiting my blog And your kind comments! :)

  8. so cute. i love the "lets make a mess day" theme, wonderful!

  9. just a lovely thing for a rainy day. can't wait to see the magic in my kids' eyes when I transform a bunch of 'stuff' into a fairy.
    thanks for sharing

  10. Oh, do let's have a "Make a Mess Week"! It would take 3 months to recover from it, but such creative potential :-) Beautiful fairies, girls!

  11. Our Waldorf home mama...check out here comes the sun week let's bake a sun cake in our side bar ~ there you shall find the how to for this sunshine cake :)


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