Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Summer Solstice...bring on summertime!!!

This is Shanti's magical nature table...

Today is Summer Solstice...the longest day and shortest night of the year!  The Solstice is a festival of fire...many people in the past, and today celebrate Solstice by lighting a bonfire.  The bonfire is reminiscent of the heat of the summer sun.  Our ancestors for thousands of years, understood the importance of the sun...the sun played an essential role in helping their crops to grow, and we all know, a bad crop meant certain starvation for some.  Today as we prepare to celebrate the Solstice, I wanted to share some images of our nature tables, and the last very simple craft we did to prepare for this day. 

We painted suns hang over our nature tables...such an easy and sweet craft, (you don't even have to use watercolours...just paint a sun in honor of Solstice day!).  Today, thank the sun in all her radiant glory!

Luna and Solana painting...

Matilda LOVES "helping" Ruby...

Below is a picture of our nature table...with some of the crafts from our "sun" inspired craft week!

And with permission, the wonderful mamma from twolittleseeds, gave us permission to put up a picture of her fabulous Sun King...isn't he absolutely splendid??!!  I think I may just have to make one, as a lovely addition to our Nature Table!   Please go and have a gander at her lovely blog and prepare to get inspired!!

Now we have some serious celebrating to do!
Have a lovely Solstice Day!!!
xo maureen


  1. Beautiful Maureen! Happy Summer!

  2. Thanks Maureen for the link, how exciting! Your tables look fab.
    We got to finish the sun cake today...minus the icing but he loved the shape! Will post our solstice things tonight.
    Happy Solstice! xxx

  3. Happy Solstice to you all, brightest blessings xx

  4. Happy Solstice to you and your family! Love all the suns!


  5. happy solstice, gals! thanks for all the sun inspiration this week! ;)

  6. Love all the sun crafts you guys did and your nature table looks great!


  7. We made the Sun Cake finally!

  8. We made the giant woven sun!
    Happy Summer Solstice to you all too!

  9. Welcome Summer - your nature table looks so inviting and in such contrast to ours!

  10. So sad that a Waldorf mama like myself failed to honor such an important event in the summer!!!!! I'm glad you guys did, and it looks like you had fun!!!!


  11. I love your sun paintings, and the beautiful glowing nature tables!
    Happy summer solstice to you Maureen!

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