Monday, June 14, 2010

Here Comes the Sun Week!!! Let's Make a Sun Wreath!!

Summer Solstice is quickly's exactly one week away from today in our part of the world. 
We love to celebrate the changing of the seasons here at the Toadstool, and since sun is so vital to our lives, we wanted to do a week of sun crafts, to inspire you to get prepared to welcome the longest, and hopefully brightest day of the year!!

Yesterday we made a sun wreath to adorn our entrance!  If you want to make one of your very own, you will need:

a grapevine wreath...any size will do
twigs, (whatever length you fancy)
ripped pieces of material (in yellows, oranges, reds)
ribbon, (again, think sun colours)
a glue gun and glue sticks!

Start by weaving your twigs into the wreath to create "rays"...every few inches should do.  You may just want to leave it au natural (I think it looks quite pretty just like this)...if you do, just hang it onto a nail, and there you go.  However, if you want to keep embellishing, then get out your strips of yellow material, (or whatever you have on hand).

Start wrapping it around and around, going around each side of the "rays" you have created.  You can use a glue gun if you wish to secure the end, (once you have wrapped the wreath completely)!

Then, using the same material, (or different if you'd rather), wrap every other ray...I used the glue gun to secure the beginning and ending bits of material.  Then, I used some ribbon to wrap around every other ray...again using the glue gun to secure the beginning and ending bits.   Really though, there are no hard rules with this project...just have fun and use what you have on hand!!!

Here is the finished wreath!!!!

In the picture at the top of the post, there sits the little sun elf that I whipped up this weekend...I used the grass elf pattern from "the Gnome Book", and modified it using sunny colours!!  The girls love him!!

Happy Crafting!  Stay Sunny and Bright!!

maureen xo

P.S.   (Insert drumroll here)...the WINNER of our Rainbow Gnome Giveaway is...
We will be getting in touch with you shortly for your address!!!  Thank you to all the concerned people who wanted to give our gnomes a good home!  We look forward to bringing you some great giveaways in the near future, so stay tuned!!!


  1. this is fun! we celebrate the solstice in our home, too. can't believe it's almost here....better get busy! i LOVE your gnome. i really should get that book one day.

  2. Fabulous! Such a bright and cheery addition to any doorway! The gnome is too cute too. Enjoying my look around your space. xo m.

  3. GACK!!!
    What is that treasure sittin' purdy on your wreath?
    sunshine for sure.

  4. Sweet project & I love your sunny little gnome, too!

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