Friday, June 4, 2010

It's Party Week...You're Invited to our Splendid 7th Celebration!!!

Ruby is making her birthday's very serious business!!!

So...yesterday we celebrated Ruby Maude's Splendid 7th birthday!! 

We have another birthday tradition that we do every year with our children.  I was inspired by an old edition of Martha Stewart's "Baby" magazine.  The idea is so lovely...every year get your child to hold a picture of what age they are...on their birthday.  We've been doing this every year since Ruby was one, and now we have a beautiful memory of every special birthday, (this is great for us homeschoolers who miss out on the yearly school pictures)!   I like to display these past photos at her party, so we can all see how our sweet girl has honor of the rainbow theme, we did some rainbow frames...

I also wanted to share a picture or two of the gift I worked on all week long for miss Ruby.  A toadstool house and family of rainbow gnomes...

Sorry...I just had to show it off...I hope to get a tutorial together, but you may have to be patient on this one. 

We also always do a group picture at Ruby's birthday.  Then, we send every family a picture as a Thank You, and a reminder of the fun day we had together!!

Some of you may think me a bit insane for hosting a party this big...we did potluck lunch, so it was no sweat, and all the moms stayed and socialized and had a grand ol time.  Even though it rained and we have a very small house, we did it all with a smile on our face, totally stress free!  I didn't even plan any party would be amazed how easily children organize into games when they're in a group...there was duck duck goose, hide and seek, driveway hockey and one they invented called "animals".  I love seeing children able to just be free and play to their hearts delight, (now that makes my heart sing)!

*I need to thank the mammas in my life for making this party a success...thank you for the tent, food you left here for us, and all the clean up help!  How blessed are we to have you as our friends!!

Happy celebrating everyone! it with style and simplicity!!


  1. Thank you for us having us at the party yesterday! It was great to meet you and the other lovely ladies, and also see some familiar faces. I am looking forward to spending more time with the homeschooling community up there in the hills. I was telling my husband about the sweetness across Ruby's faces when she blew out her candles.... absolutely priceless! A wonderful day!

  2. I love the toadstool gift you made and the idea for the number photos! Very cool!

  3. We've sporadically done the number photos, but sometimes I just do it after the birthday if I don't get around to it! Love it! Rainbow frames were really cute. What, no tutorial? I'll trade you my knitted toadstool for your toadstool house? heehee! Those group photos are becoming classics, wonderful records of our wonderful community of children.

  4. Ruby looks like she had a wonderful day. She looks so sweet making her birthday wish. So many rainbows in the group photo. The birthday photo idea is lovely. We take the photo but not the number. And the toadstool house looks perfect. Definitely up for a swap. Hope you all had a lovely day.

  5. The numbers photos idea is FABULOUS. I'll have to start that with Littlest One. Who said that its the first child that gets all of the camera time? That must only hold true for pre-digital-camera-era babies!

    Those rainbow gnomes and their home are just wonderful! *I* want to play with them :-)

  6. Happy Birthday Beautiful Ruby!!

    We love your rainbow party theme -- the photos in ROYGBIV frames, the wands and the cupcakes are all too cute!! Also LOVE the mushroom house with the rainbow gnomes -- guess what we need to make now! ; )

    pink and green mama

    MaryLea and the girls "E" and "C"

  7. Came to your blog via the Waldof Mamas group on Ravelry - I absolutely love your yearly pictures with your daughter in the rainbow frames. I just had my second little girl and you have inspired me to do this with her. Just beautiful!


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