Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Here Come the Sun Week! Let's Bake a Sun Cake!!!!

In celebration of of our up coming summer solstice, the girls and I decided to create a sun inspired cake! It was wonderful to bring this sunshine to life ( especially since today was a quite the grey rainy day). I wanted to come up with a cake that was simple and delicious ~ This cake seemed to fit that desire and it is my joy to share...

For this sweet sunshine treat you will need

vanilla organic cake mix (or any cake that you choose to use) ~ I needed quick and easy : )
safflower oil
milk (we used rice)
lemons to squeeze ~ we made our icing lemon infused to add a little zing!
icing sugar 
edible flowers ~ if you have them around
and I shall share the secret of yellow icing without chemicals...turmeric! It works wonderful and the taste is hidden beneath the lemon and the sweetness. 

we baked our two round cakes ~ can't you just see the excitement brewing...

we then froze them overnight to make the icing easier and the cutting cleaner (avoiding the crumbling)
and then cut one of our circle cakes like this... 

then assembled our pieces as such...

 we picked some ~ oh so juicy ~ wild strawberries to adorn our cake...

 and I think perhaps ate more than we put into the bucket (isn't that half the fun!!!)

We gathered daisies asking them to shine on our cake, sampled daisy petals and picked wild flower bouquets...

and then proceeded with much joy in creating...

Our Sunshine Cake 

topped with the pretty faces of Ms. Marigold, Ms.Pansy, Ms.Violet and 
Ms. Wild Stawberry...

sending out a warm, radiant, glow of sunshine to you...
~ Shanti ~


  1. I love the cake! It's simple to make yet Oh! so beautiful! I should try to remember that for my daughter's birthday next year :)


  2. That is sooooo gorgeous! I love the idea for the sun shape. love love love

  3. I love your sun cake!!! What a beautiful cake covered in beautiful summery berries and flowers!


  4. So so pretty! Almost too pretty to eat. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love what you guys are doing.

    Stephanie :)

  5. Looks so beautiful. It would even make a great birthday cake too! Thanks for the tutorial below. I will try a winter star for our window ...

  6. Gorgeous! I'm adding that to my Summer Soltice list of activities!

  7. I always love looking at pics of your sweet treats! They are AMAZING. You must have taken a few cake classes or have lots of experience, because your cakes look perfect every time! The edible flowers are always placed so perfectly on and around the cake too!
    Thanks for sharing this!

  8. Shanti, there is something so meditative about this cake. It is a veritable food-mandala. STUNNING! And I love your photos too. The girls' sunshiney faces perfectly capturing your week of sun-celebration.

  9. oh wow. this is beyond awesome. beautiful!

  10. your cakes are all so stunning! :)

  11. Yummy. That is one happy cake. So beautiful...I feel warmed just looking at it. I'm enjoying all the sunny goodness over here.

  12. Thanks for all your delicious, sunny words!
    @ ourjewel ~ can't say it is really much experience and definitely not classes, just a real love for creating edible beauty ~ a reminder that when we are in our joy, beauty springs forth!

  13. Wow, that is gorgeous! My kids want to come live with you!

  14. what a great idea- my monkeys would love this-

    Here is my link from the magic onion- hope you have a great weekend.

  15. how beautiful that shining cake is!! Happy Summer! ~Pamela

  16. The cake is gorgeous - my girls would love to make a sunshine cake. I will have to add it to our 'to do' list.

  17. Love it! Thanks for sharing. I posted a link on Edible Crafts (

  18. I would love your lemon icing recipe? What a beautiful cake!

  19. yes a recipe for the icing would b fabulous :)

  20. what a beautiful idea and awesome photos of your girls! I'm in south africa and today we are celebreting winter solstice with the same cake!! love from down here :)

  21. I have included this in my Offbeat Holidays - June Bucket List post. Thanks for sharing!

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