Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spinning Garden Mandalas

Garden season is here!
Seeing as we spend many hours at a time enjoying it, we thought it might be nice to create some flower art to enjoy in our garden.
We happen to have lots of old cds kicking around so we thought we would see if we couldn't put them to use!
Here's what we came up with.

~ A Spinning Garden Mandala ~
To create you will need:
Pressed flowers and leaves
White paint or white flowers for the background
Outdoor mod podge
paint brush

To Begin:
Cover the cd with mod podge then top it with white flowers (we used pansies) or paint it white, then brush on another layer of mod podge.
Arrange the flower mandala design on top of the white.

Then, gently cover over top of your flowers with more mod podge

So many possibilities!
These monarch wings were picked up along side of the road after they had been hit.
Now they shall live on in our garden.

Hang your mandalas with some fishing line...

find a tree for them to live in...

and let them spin and sparkle away!
Garden magic.

~ Shanti ~


  1. beautiful!! so usual! christina's mandalas are beautiful, too.

  2. lovely, a Mandala to keep!
    What is modge podge?

  3. this is really beautiful!
    thanks for the wonderful comment on my truthful tuesday post...we are all so connected!! have a great day

  4. What a GREAT idea. I really have to try this, I have tons of cd's that are broken.

  5. GORGEOUS! Did you use "Outdoor" Mod Podge so that these beauties can stay hanging in the trees? I too loved the garden mandala.

  6. It really is all about balance.
    It is great that you took some time to create...especially early in the morning. I find that usually my "creating" time is either spent during the afternoon with kiddies running around, or in the evening when I am not at my best.
    The results of your time are beautiful.

  7. These are SO beautiful! The one with the monarch wings is just stunning. What an incredible way to honour such a lovely creature. And the pansies are one of my favourite dried flowers. Thanks for sharing such a fabulous idea.

  8. Love these!!!

    Love & Light, Nicole

  9. what a great idea for all those silly cds that come in the mail! you have most colorful ideas!

  10. I have been trying to find an idea for re-using cd's, but none seemed pretty enough to have hanging around. I love yours. This has ended my search for a cd craft. They are amazingly pretty!

  11. those are stunning! what a great idea. keep them coming! xo m.

  12. They really are works of art - clever you - glad you got your me time.

  13. Those are absolutely gorgeous! i need to dig out my flower press and try these! Thank you for the inspiration!


  14. Very sweet...we must go press some more flowers so we can make these!
    Thanks for the inspiration.

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  16. I checked out if there is such a things as outdoor mod podge. I was happy to see it exists! I shall be coating my mandalas soon so they can spin in the garden. Thanks for the tip.
    Happy Mandala~ing. love.

  17. These are beautiful! What a great activity for the kids! I will feature these at tomorrow! Grab my "featured" button.

  18. There are just beautiful. what a great way to re-purpose!

    ~happy day!

  19. What a fabulous idea and I just cleaned my craft room up and found 3 bottles of modge podge not it will be....and the grandkids are coming next week, what a way to keep them busy on a rainy day....thank you.

  20. this is the most gorgeous piece of recycled art I have seen in sometime. I can't wait to start it. Thanks for posting.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. I plan teen programs at the St. Charles Parish Library in Destrehan, LA. I am planning to do this project with the teens in March for our monthly yoUpcycle program. COuld I possibly use your images for the flyer? I would include a link to this blog! Thanks in advance.

  23. Layla ~ That would be absolutely fine. Thanks for linking back to the blog.
    Take care

  24. Love this! What a great way to repurpose old CD's :)

  25. oh wow these are just beautiful. Love them #getyourcrafton


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