Saturday, June 26, 2010

My sweet little gnome...

I finally got around to sewing up a gnome hat for Matilda.  The pattern comes from "Bend the Rules Sewing" by Amy Karol...if you haven't seen the book, it is full of great, colourful, fun sewing projects, (and for the novice sewer, the instructions are clear and easy to follow)!!  I used 100% wool felt for this project, (I do find that wool felt generally holds up better over time...but heck...use whatever you darn well please!!)

Here is the full on front view of the's a little big on her, but she just LOVES it!!!

And here's the view from the side...with a little flower embellishment!!

It took very little time to whip this up...about an hour tops.  And if you're wondering how in the world I found the time to do this...well, here's my confession...I locked myself and the kids upstairs, and they played while I sewed my heart out, (our upstairs is open concept...three quarters bedroom/playroom and one quarter mommy's craft nook!!).  Gotta love it when you can fit in a random act of sewing while the kids happily play!!

Hope you all enjoy a weekend bursting with creativity!!!!
maureen xo


  1. Turned out very sweet! I love Amy's book. Haven't made anything from it yet though....ha!

  2. Wow. My kids would kill me if I put this on them! But Matilda looks awesome in it...heehee...are you going to start a gnome cult?

  3. Maureen, did you know you can sew a similar hat out of a woolen sweater? Our Waldorf playgroup teacher washed a woolen sweater in hot water, cut one sleeve off and sewed that shape into a gnome's hat. The cuff is the bottom of the hat. On top she put a little bell.

  4. What a sweet hat!
    I suspect Hazel would love one too. Maybe I will take a look at that book via the library.

  5. So cute! I love that book.


  6. What a wee magical gnomie hat! Thanks for sharing!


  7. Thank you Eva for that suggestion!!! The only problem is that felting with wool sweaters had caught on like wildfire in our tiny little community!!! There are almost NO wool sweaters to be found!!!!
    Stephanie...would you like to join the gnome cult??!!! It involves bringing merryment and cuteness to gardens across the greater Ottawa Valley! Interested? Call me!!!

    xo maureen

  8. That is a sweet little gnome hat! Love the expression on Matilda's face in the first picture. Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting my tea party.

  9.'ll have to let me know if you send off a postcard so I can keep my eye out for it in the show.

  10. Both the hat and matilda are adorable - well done on the creative mummy time too.

  11. Sweet hat. I love the idea that you shut the children in with you while you crafted.

  12. Cheryl...locking the children in to play, while sewing...highly recommended!!!!

  13. great hat. even better that you made the trek upstairs. my upstairs is like that too. And I don't feel guilty when we go up. they have specific games they made up themselves that they only play up there. nice to hear them own the games they play.
    I love when they check on what I'm doing and give me suggestions on how to do it.


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