Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Make your own Chive Blossom Vinegar!!! (part one)

Hello beautiful friends...so, I'm a chive blossom vinegar admirer.  I've seen a few blogs with lovely pictures of chives sitting in mason jars on kitchen ledges...and I mean, I just HAD to have some of my own!  Not to mention, what a fabulous and creative use of chive blossoms!  Here is a little tutorial on how to make your own lovely chive blossom vinegar! 

First go out and harvest your lovely chive blossoms...you could use scissors to do this, cut just a tiny bit of the stem under the flower...of course I did this first thing in the morning and was feeling a little "lazy" shall we say, and just used my fingers!!

Then when you get them inside, you are going to pull off the two dead petals that lie on the bottom of your blossom...you can see them in this picture, and you'll definately know what I mean as you are doing it yourself.

Fill your freshly steralized mason jars up with the blossoms...pack them in there!!!

While you are doing this, and because you are a true multi tasker, start boiling your vinegar.

Now get out a funnel and pour the vinegar into your mason jars...many of the books I read recommended using plastic over the mouth of the jar, because the vinegar will corrode the regular metal mason jar lids, I'm a little leery of plastic these days, so I used parchment paper over the top and then screwed on the mason jar ring...so far, so good.

Place your chive blossom vinegar in a sunny windowsill, and oh my!  Doesn't it look pretty???!!!!!

The vinegar turns the most lovely shade of pink!!!!  You are supposed to leave it in the windowsill for a week or two, but I did read that after two weeks it can get quite strong.  I'm going to check mine in a week, and if it's to my liking, strain it and bottle it, (into a lovely jar with a cork)!  Stay tuned for part two!!

Oh...and if you have made some vinegar of your own, leave a link in our comments section of your own chive creation!

Now get on out there and harvest some chives y'all!!!

Happy herb harvesting!!!
(now say it three times fast)!
xo maureen

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  1. Oh that looks fabulous! What a beautiful shade of pink!

  2. I think I'll try this one, as I have a nice patch of chive blossoms close to our house. What type of vinegar did you use? Also - I think our rainbow garden would make a great home for those sweet rainbow gnomes.... ;)

  3. Ooh...I once bought a jar of apple jelly that was the palest of pinks, with a single verbena leaf suspended in it. It was as pretty as it was tasty...this vinegar reminds me of that food-as-art concept!

  4. Rainbow Mama..I used President's Choice "the Natural Vinegar"...good for pickling, cooking and table use...it's just plain ol' white vinegar. And oh my...you should see it today...it has turned fushia...I LOVE it, (it is a vinegar that appeals to my inner girly girl)!

  5. Our chive flowers just opened this weekend. Love chives and use vinegar in cooking and cleaning, so I bet I'd like chive vinegar. I'm going to give it a go. Great colour.

    PS Love the rainbow gnomes.Please enter me too.

  6. It turns out so pretty! I wish we were done with renovating the inside of our house, so we could spend time gardening. I would have loved to try this with last year's chive flowers. Maybe next year!

  7. brilliant! i hope i remember to try this when ours blossom!

  8. Oh wow,that is cool! I adore your gnomes!

  9. I just tried this today, only without looking at your tutorial again. I forgot to boil the vinegar...do you think I should try again or just see what happens? (I had this weird feeling I was missing a step).

  10. It's pink?!?!? Oh gotta go make some for E, she loves pink. I love vinegar. Win win!
    thanks. :)

  11. Hi Maureen,
    We have lots of chives, and we have lots of vinegar that I clean the house with... but what exactly does one DO with chive vinegar? Lol, I hope you're not all laughing at me. :D


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