Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Succulent Wild Women

 This book is my glowing invitation to you -- to live a rich, succulent life! I explore love, sexuality, romance, money, fear and creativity.  Succulence is powerFull! and so are we as women. ~ Sark

Being  a succulent wild woman ~ the thought makes me smile...

Sark's books were introduced to me some years back and I fell in love with her colorful, honest, playful style of writing. Her books are a light in our world, offering wisdom and creative juices,
using uncommon humor and of all they are brimming with inspiration!!!
Years ago,  this book succulent wild women came into our circle and my friend and co-blogger Maureen, decided to host a succulent wild woman party. It was an opening to invite women of the community to share in a succulent sisterhood.  The book was our inspiration, encouraging womens need to care for each other.  Sark writes that one of the major blocks to succulence is jealousy, cattiness and women competing with one another.  She stresses women should be nurturing one another and giving each other encouragement, love and support in every way.
It was decided that we would invite women who we admired, and wanted to start NEW succulent friendships with, a way of reaching out of our comfort are the tempting invites...

Those who dared to be succulent came out to Maureen's house!
We gathered together in the spirit of succulence and shared in an evening brimming with...

laughter, laughter and more laughter

silliness and play, (these "drunk" glasses and feather boas made for a great icebreaker)
we played a game of "would you rather" as a way to get to know each other...of course it ended in fits of uproarious laughter!
shared stories...

we also spent part of the evening crafting little books, (we bought plain memo books and had loads of fancy papers and images to decoupage them with), then we passed them around the group and each person took a page and wrote something kind and wonderful to the others, (for some of us it was a first impression, or many first impressions).   It was wonderful to read the strengths and gifts others recognized in you. I still have mine as a reminder when I need it.

and of course we indulged in a decadent succulent wild woman goddess cake ~ I tapped into  my succulence and  this fresh flower covered queen emerged!

This one single evening resulted in some fabulous new succulent friendships!!  Our community of women friends just grew and grew as a result of this night, (you should see the guest lists at our parties!!!) 
It take courage to reach out of your comfort zone and seek fabulous friendships as women, sometimes it's downright scary...we would encourage you though, if you can, (and we believe YOU CAN), to reach out of your own comfort zone and have a succulent wild woman party of your own.  Invite the women you already love, the women you admire, and the women who just look like kindred souls!

Sisterhood is a powerful force uniting us  ~ in all our our  strengths and weaknesses, in all of our light places and dark places, in all of our sorrow and all of our joys ~ let us join together on this wild succulent journey of being a woman. Let us remember the importance of being kind to one another, to encourage and support each other and to reach out to women around us in the spirit of sisterhood.

This summer I challenge myself and I challenge all of you beautiful, witty, sassy, artistic, loving, and real women reading this ~ yes that means you!! to embrace Sark's inspiring words, setting an example for all of our young woman and each other...
Sark coaxes out our succulent, wild woman with these invitations ~
celebrate your gorgeous friendships with women
reinvent your life if it doesn't feel juicy
weave you life into a net of love
be rare, eccentric and original
be delicious
tell the truth faster
roll down bright green grassy hills
find those places inside that jump for joy
do things that bring out your most magical self
paint your soul
bath naked in the moonlight
discover your own goodness
do it for love
drive away fear
write full hearted notes to women you admire
giggle with children 
reach out
know you are enough
you have enough
you do enough

In the sisterhood of wild succulent women

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  1. I LOVE Sark -- I sent her how to be a parent cards to my sister in law and my bff from college for Mother's Day this year!! I had the how to be an artist poster up in my classroom when I was an elementary art teacher : )

    pink and green mama

  2. i am going to have to read that book...sounds wonderful! and the party looks like heaps of fun! i'm also entering again for the precious little gnomes :)

  3. Funny you should post about this Succulent's been on my mind lately. Somehow connected to blogging and community. It was such a fabulous gathering that created the gift of new succulent friendships. And those friendships also blossomed amongst our children. Pure fabulous MAGIC! I still plan on framing that gorgeous Succulent invitation, now that we finally have our home back! And I LOVE that little glimpse of Youngest Son, embracing his own baby brand of succulence :-) Once again, what a great idea in sharing this, Shanti. I HIGHLY recommend creating and celebrating sisterhood in this way!

  4. What a wonderful thing to do! This post is so very inspiring! I'm looking forward to reading more and hearing about the great connections you're making.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog--I'm so glad to find your blog.

  5. what a fabulous way to celebrate the kindred spirit of womenhood amongst us!?! looks like a lot of fun ladies!

  6. Oh. My. Goodness. And I mean goodness. How could I have forgotten this was right at the beginning of my friendship with Maureen (V must have been 2 or 3 months old!!)...I slept on the squeakiest bed in history, and laughed myself silly. SO warmed to remember this fun, uproarious night. Looking forward to September's 2nd annual creative retreat...

  7. i hope that you feel especially succulent in your new necklace from my etsy shop! you are the winner of the giveaway!

    and yes...i'll accept this challenge - to welcome more inspiring women into my life and living room.

  8. I love Sark, too... Such a wonderful gathering -- I join you in spirit from California!

  9. Just got your comment! Thanks for the pic compliment!

    Succulent gathering? Oh my, where was my invite. I am all about kickin' life up a notch. Need to check out that book!

  10. Oh YES! I love this idea. You all look like you are having so much fun. A really inspiring post...I'll be back!

  11. I read this post and thought what a great idea, but not for me. I would never find a collection of women that would buy into it. And then I thought a little harder and different people kept on popping into my head. Maybe I should read the never know!

  12. Hi Maureen
    I want to be invited!!! Shame I am over here in Australia! I am a big sark lover too. She rocks!! Please set me a place at your next gathering, and I'll be there in spirit!!


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